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          1. B2P

            B2P EZBuy Mini-Programs & APP

            We aim for P-end (Professional) buyers and select high-quality resources, product direct sales, complete categories, as well as competitive prices, to provide enterprises with high-quality 365 days of worry-free procurement of quality services and better help expand the domestic market.

            Our B2P platforms include 7 mini-programs (EZBuy) and 1 APP, provide one-on-one accurate matching, all-media one-stop marketing consulting and services for the manufacturers while meeting the needs of buyers in an accurate and convenient way.

            Furniture EZBuy

            Endorsed by Furniture China Show, Furniture Ezbuy matches accurate buyers for the suppliers in the home furnishing industry, help enterprises reduce costs and improve efficiency through the “one-on-one” inquiry service; Completely solve the pain point of locating buyers; create the New retail model of factory direct sales so that buyers can directly purchase high-quality products with competitive price from the manufacturers.

            Food & Beverage EZBuy

            The Mini-program together with HOTELEX expo series and FHC Shanghai Global Food Trade Show provides online matchmaking service, which helps buyers communicate and trade with over 6000+ suppliers anywhere and anytime, in addition to the exhibition services. One-stop online procurement platform that brings together high-end F&B and ingredients equipment at home and abroad.

            Hotel & Shop EZBuy

            Based on Hotel & Shop Plus Exhibition, Hotel & Shop EZBuy’s core functions are Professional Online Mall, Supplier Audit System, Convergence of Products across the industry chain and SAAS Customizing Applet, with the advantages of selected quality suppliers, professional & precise matching needs as well as one-to-one exclusive customer service.

            Pharma Club (Pharma)

            CPhI.cn integrates the existing offline conference, trainings and meetings by upgrading them into Pharma Club, which will launch nearly 100 online live streaming, webinars and offline training throughout the year, creating social, learning and sharing scenarios for the majority of people in the pharmaceutical industry, and building a knowledge sharing ecosystem in the pharmaceutical industry.

            Processing & Packaging EZBuy

            The EZ Buy platform lets you discover and source now from processing and packaging manufacturers in an all-in-one WeChat mini-program (Chinese version only).
            -Easy to source and share;
            -Easy to make contact with new suppliers;
            -Easy to discover industry news and event updates.


            Lifestyle EZBuy

            Lifestyle EZBuy is a mobile e-commerce platform affiliated to China (Shanghai) International Boat Show and The Lifestyle Show, covering boats and equipment accessories, boat services, lifestyle, water sports, Lure fishing, RVs, camping, outdoor, and other categories. It is designed to integrate online and offline resources, promote business matchmaking opportunities, provide industry information, and real-time interactive social sharing.

            Lighting EZBuy

            Our sourcing specialist assists buyers to source and obtain quotations from suppliers with referrals from big data then Check & precisely match RFQs from buyers with suppliers, who will be reminded to receive and reply buyers. Business matching tailored service helps global buyers to identify and screen potential Denggle business partners. The personalized one-on-one onsite meetings or online group chat would be arranged for suppliers and buyers.

            CPhI Manufacturing

            Pharma Manufacturing (APP)

            Serving the pharmaceutical industry, it is a tool-based App that integrates trade negotiation, exhibition services, industry insights and social networking. At the same time, as the official mobile platform of CPhI & P-MEC China, CPhI Manufacturing APP also provides multi-channel, all-round guidance and personalized exhibition services for the exhibitors and visitors.

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