This particular growth hack is for those who are trying to find a job. Follow these 9 steps and your resume will stand out:

Don’t write your address in your resume

Writing your address your resume makes no sense at all. It takes up unnecessary space. If you are applying for a job in one corner of the country but you are in another corner, how will it matter where you live? Include your address only if you are applying for a job in the same city.

Brag in your resume

Not a lot of people would agree with this, but you should brag in your resume about your achievements. Recruiters generally see what achievements you have, if you have worked with a big client, then name drop it right away.

Use recommendation letter to the fullest

If you have any recommendation letters from previous employers or even your college. Use it. This will help the recruiter know that you are a good candidate and they won’t pass you over others. If you are academic score is less, but you have glowing reviews otherwise, recruiters will choose you over others.

Don’t stuff words

It’s a little-known secret that Recruiters use Keyword-scanning tools, which is obvious since they have to scan through hundreds of resumes daily. But that doesn’t mean you stuff keywords in your resume to stand out. Instead, go through the Job Description and paraphrase some of the keywords from there to your resume. You will start seeing the magic immediately.

Use a Good Email ID

Okay, this is important. Use a decent and professional email id to send out emails. Don’t send emails from Ids like or, it’s a huge turn-off. Also please use good email etiquettes while sending our emails to recruiters. State your purpose and intent in the first few lines itself.

Don’t include Social Profiles

Don’t include your social profiles unless it’s really necessary or it’s required. I always include my LinkedIn profile since that’s where my works are displayed. Don’t post your Facebook or Instagram in your resume. It’s not required.

Hobbies Section

A lot of us have a hobbies section, although I don’t have one, it is required if you are just starting out to look for jobs. Have hobbies that reflect your attitude. Don’t include something that makes no sense in your resume. Gossiping is not a hobby. Just clearing that out.

Have a creative objective/description

Hardworking, smart and wants to work for an MNC. Sounds familiar? That’s cause everyone uses the same line in their Career objective. Be creative while writing this part of your resume, don’t use the same line for all companies, it may not align with their Mission and Goals.

Keep an up to date LinkedIn Profile

As a recruiter, the first thing I do is to search for the candidate on LinkedIn. I check their profile to see what they have written in the resume matches with their LinkedIn profile. If they have an incomplete profile, I don’t go ahead with them. Having this filled is the first step to landing your dream job. Make sure you have an all-star profile on LinkedIn.