To understand what exactly is the AADA model, we first need to understand what is the AIDA model.

Sales Best Practices 2022

What does AIDA stand for?

  • Awareness: When you want to sell something to your ICP, they need to know about your product or service, without which you can't ever sell them anything. Over here you are creating an affiliation to the product or service.
  • Interest: Once the prospect or lead knows about your product or service, the next step is to generate interest for them to start considering purchasing your product/service. Tell them about the benefits or how your product solves a problem for them. Create sufficient interest to encourage the buyer to start to research further.
  • Desire: The more they read about your product/service, the more they should the desire to buy it arises. Move the buyer from 'liking' it to 'wanting it', and this is possible when there is an ample amount of information for consumption for the buyer.
  • Action: Now action could defer based on your use case. It could be a purchase, it could be downloading a resource, it could be filling out forms, but eventually, you want the buyer to interact with you in more than one way. This is where you should include your CTA.

The ADAA Model

This model can very well be implemented in your job search and cold emails.

I have changed this model a little bit and it goes like this:

  1. Attention: Capture attention
  2. Awareness: Make them aware of you
  3. Desire: Create a desire to talk to you
  4. Action: Give them a CTA to message or call you back

Let's look at an example:

I got this ping from a founder on LinkedIn and she has implemented this exact method. We ended by working with her and using her services for my company.

Hey Ahaan,

I just did something crazy! Well, the good kind of crazy.

I started something of my own where I can make gifts for people and present it to them. I can’t begin to explain how much fun it is to think and curate just the right products a person will love and then wrap it with the care and finesse that give the gifts a stunning look.

I personally believe in celebrating every day in life and hence I have curated gift boxes that can be presented in various unique occasions and leave a person with a warm memory of the giver. Please visit and check out our office concepts. The best part, we are open to all sorts of customization!

But, to be perfectly candid, I am in dire need of all the help and support I can manage to get to bring my offering to people. If you don’t mind me asking, can I please have your number and keep in touch in case you need something like this now or in the future?In case you absolutely don’t want to connect, which will be heart-breaking, honestly, can I request that you follow on LinkedIn? You see, I’m being greedy. I need somebody with as impressive a profile as yours to stand behind my brand. And if you have any idea as to how I can achieve that, I’m all ears.

Here is an Email Template based on AADA:

The AIDA model is a marketing funnel technique that an individual goes through before buying something.
Attention was captured here.
Awareness about what you do.
This was the Interest.
And here is the Action + Retention
Hi { {name} },What would you do with an extra 10 hours each week?I ask because that's exactly what we help you achieve! Cut 10 hours each week from your calendar by doing focussed work! [ Add value proposition here].Just ask experts like <NAME> who we’re happy to count as satisfied customers.I’d love to set up a time to walk you through a personalized demo. Would you have some free time next week to connect?