Growth isn’t achieved by a single person. Don’t think that if you get a consultant, you would start growing. It’s a team effort.

The growth team should have deep understanding of strategies and business goals, how to analyse data, how to implement changes fast and how to market these changes.

Growth Lead

Every team needs a leader and in our team, the growth lead is the leader. He is the one who is going to set the tempo and plan the strategies that need to be experimented.

Key Responsibility:

  1. Choosing area of Core focus
  2. Devising strategies of experimentation
  3. Conducting weekly, monthly and quarterly meetings with the growth team
  4. KPI measurement and Analysis

Product Manager

A product manager’s role varies with industry and the vertical they are working in. In general, a product manager handle the product and it’s features life cycle and how it comes to life.

“”— Ben Horowitz

You might ask how does a Product Manager fit in a growth team?

A Product Manager’s experience with Customer Surveying and Interviewing along with product development is vital to running the growth ideation and experimentation.

If you are an early stage startup, the growth lead and the product manager is generally the founder.  If you are a seed stage startup, your growth lead should act as a product manager as well. This changes with larger companies which have multiple Product Managers, you need to have the Product Manager you is responsible for the product that is your core focus.

Software Engineers

Software engineers are the backbone to any growth team. They are the ones who would be writing the code and making changes to the product to run your experiments.

Software engineers are creative, not many give them that.

I have seen a lot of companies, leave them out of the ideation process that happens, which is absolutely maddening cause these guys will come up with new technologies to help you drive growth.

Marketing Specialist and Analyst

Marketing specialist in itself is a very vague term and reason being that the growth lead needs to decide the KPIs and what teams to work with.

If you want to increase traffic to your blog then you are looking at working with the content marketing team. If you are looking at increasing your open rates, you are looking at working with the Email Marketing team.

If you have a stack of channels that you are going to grow, then you might have more than 1 person from the marketing department on this team.

Remember I spoke about Data collection and analysis earlier? This is where the data analyst comes into picture. This role is crucial for any growth experiment to be successful.

A data analyst will collect, organize and study the customer data to gain insights for your experimentations.

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